Lactate Testing on Ski Ergs

August 24, 2012

Lactate testing on the new Concept II Ski Ergs

We did a little lactate testing on Sadie this afternoon using the Ski Ergs – she and her family are staying at the Bethel Inn for a nice family reunion before school starts! We ran through a 4 minute per stage protocol based on output in watts to try it out, and also to test our new Lacatate Pro sampler which worked great. We also found out that Sadie is in pretty good shape!  And guess who we found in the field house – Marcello, Alex, and Schuyler, a winter term skier for this year (stay tuned for new skier introductions!), coming in from a workout – nice work guys (and girl)! Marcello is up next…

PS – Check out Dick’s shoes in this picture – where can we get our hands on those!?


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