April 2, 2009
Daily you never know whats going to happen at Gould
Last night we attended the Senior 4 Point dinner. This is where the seniors have the opportunity to present their 4 point experience to other students and 2 staff members who have a set criteria they have to evaluate the students on their presentation. We all have a scrumptious dinner, where we chit chat about what they did and after dinner they are on stage. We had 5 students who had attended a 3 week debating course at Dartmouth, helped at the Beijing Olympics, went on a cultural exchange to Korea, helped protect Sea Turtles in Costa Rica and took photos for an industrial designer. Diverse and interesting. This always marks for us the start of saying goodbye to the seniors. Its a bitter sweet evening.

So you may be asking yourself where does the lacrosse come in.

Today was the first Men’s Lacrosse game to be played on the new turf field…… it was exciting one to start the season off. The boys/men were playing against Berwick Academy and it was slated to be a tough one. It was loud, it was exciting and it was close. I think have the score correct at 11-10 to Gould. April 1st and we did not have to go to Portland to play!

We even had a crowd
and YES it rained. But hey we won!
And last but not least a new addition to the Gould family
Bring on the Lamb

During the intense game a lamb was born on the farm…..

this was take about 3mins after she was born
and she soon found her legs
So as you can see everyday is action packed.

Off to the USASA Snowboard Nationals this Friday so we look forward to sharing with you all the fun and action from Copper, Colorado
All the Best “The Davies”


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