January 31, 2011

This past week at the academy has most certainly been an eventful one. To finish off the month of January, we celebrate with Gould’s annual spirit week which consisted of BLUE&GOLD dress day, twins day, a Wednesday dance in the DSL, late night tobogganing races, and of course the highly anticipated Winter Carnival day which ended the week on Friday.

Winter Carnival consisted of many events, which included: tug of war, an obstacle course (trudging through the two feet of snow in the main field), a two-person cross-country ski course (where faculty were allowed to create sudden “snow-storms” with their shovels to throw us off-course) and an amoeba race around the field.  Each dorm competes against each other, as well as day students, in a “residential-rumble” style series of competitions to determine which dorm truly dominates campus.  Although Gehring tends to do not so well on the activities requiring strength, (those Holden boys are strong!) we did definitely do an top-notch job when it comes to dorm-spirit and team outfits.  This year the G-house was represented by a wave of “pretty in pink” with a splash of tie-dye. Mr. Davies clearly won the best-dressed award when he showed up in the lounge decked out in his MR – G superhero- like costume, equipped with a floral cape, fringe detailing, and a blonde wig.  His creative interpretation of a “superwoman” was a standout costume that led everyone to believe that we had acquired a new dorm-parent overnight. A question frequently asked was, “Mr. Davies did you dye your hair?”

Until next week, au revoir!


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