Kunming Mountain Day Part 2

March 22, 2014

What a treat to get to experience a different version of Mountain Day!  I went with the second half of the group to Black Dragon Pool Park.  The park was filled with all sorts of adventures including rope bridges, ziplines, climbing walls and pedal boating tours.  I’ll have to let the kids to show you their videos from zip-lining when they return home.  It was fun to watch everyone come together to enjoy this special day, including a picnic lunch in the park.

Kung Fu Lesson for the students

Matthew's lesson

Haylee and Matthew joining in on some climbing fun!

Haylee and Matthew climbing around

Teacher picnic…I have never seen so much food at a picnic.


teacher picnic

Student picnic…a little less healthy food.


Student picnic

Group shot at the end of our day.


Kunming style Mountain Day

Also wanted to include the picture of Colin presenting Richard Blanco’s Poem to the school.


Kunming gift


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