Kunming: Knots and the Golden Temple

March 21, 2016

(Written by Mr. and Mrs. Whittington)

The day started with some Chinese art lessons on knot tying and paper cutting. While the knots were a challenge, by the end everyone had at least one “keeper.” After the art class the entire school assembled for the morning meeting complete with flag raising, speeches about school awards and an introduction of the Gould delegation. Tai Chi was next on the schedule with a master teacher. We learned some of the basics, but time was short and lunch beckoned.

After lunch we bussed to the Golden Temple, a Taoist temple located on the top of a hill with hundreds of steps to climb! There we had the chance to wander through some amazing green houses and enjoy the park setting. Molly got her wish of a group nap in the park although some spent the time writing or chatting.

We returned from the temple in time for a much anticipated basketball game with the Kunming senior one students. It was then time for Gould students to head off with their hosts for the evening.


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