Kunming: Ashima and the Stone Forest

March 22, 2016

Kunming Blog: Ashima and the Stone Forest

(Written by the Whittingtons) Today was spent mostly at the Stone Forest outside of Kunming. The Stone Forest is a large formation of limestone created millions of years ago by erosion. Of course, there is a traditional legend to explain its existence. The story tells of Ashima, a beautiful Yi maiden who fell deeply in love. When she was forbidden from marrying the love of her life she turned to stone, rather than live life without him. The forest of today is a series of outcroppings and slot canyons, some pretty tight, that were fun to explore.

After the forest we returned to Kunming and spent some time in Tanhuasi Park and Temple, near the school. It was a time to relax and reflect on all that we have seen and done since arriving in Kunming last week.

If you are wondering who the extra student is in some of the pictures that is Will, Luke’s host, who asked if he could come along for the day.  We were happy to share more time with him.


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  1. Avatar Will says:

    Still many thanks for letting me join the day, one of the best days in my life.

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