*knock*knock* House-keeeeepiiing

October 21, 2008

Tuesday morning is unlike other mornings here at the academy. Tuesday is Room Inspection day!

The words “room inspection” in my mind conjure an image of a mature woman in a long skirt, hair in a bun, and white gloves. Her index finger extended, ready to slide the flat forgotten surfaces and reveal the tell-tale sign of slovenliness- DUST!

Room inspection here isn’t exactly like that, primarily because I’d be playing the role of the mature woman in white gloves. That’s not really my style.

Room inspection here at Gould looks a little like this- each student can expect one or two adults to visit his/her room between 7:30 and 7:45 in the morning. Normally the same adult comes to the room week after week so a bit of a rapport is built.

Room inspection offers students a weekly reminder to make order of their desk and closet, vacuum the floor, take out their trash and recycling, make their bed, etc. The room should be orderly and neat. I leave my white gloves at home though.

So there it is, a snapshot of Tuesday morning at Gould. Other days (except sleep-in Thursdays) the entire school gathers in Bingham Auditorium for assembly from 7:45-8:00.

I’m certain that if I had Room Inspection our apartment wouldn’t always look like our interior decorator is a 2 year old! Right now he seems to want to bring ALL the leaves inside. They are beautiful… though I don’t think we need them in our house!

Until next week, Gloggers!



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