Keys To A Good Dorm Room

February 6, 2015

One topic that never ceases to be discussed around campus is which boys dorm is better: Holden or Davidson. While Holden looks nicer on the outside, Davidson has rooms with four students, and there are three rooms per quad. There are two bed rooms and a common room, which is basically a living room that allows students to express their creativity and make the most out of their rooms. Here are a few tips on what makes a cool dorm room:

Posters/Tapestries: Blank walls are boring walls, fill them up with whatever you can find. We have a Scottish flag and a swedish flag for no reason, and we have a few tapestries as well:


Another thing you need is your own lighting. Having your own lights makes everything more home-like which is exactly what you need at a boarding school. This lamp was made by my roommate, Octavio Borunda ’16 during sophomore four point last year:


My favorite thing that I didn’t have last year is the Playstation. We play a soccer game called FIFA all the time and since it’s freezing outside, most of the fun we have during our free time is indoors.


The last thing you need is food. Since everyone is 10 times hungrier in winter, snacks are a must have in each dorm room. Here’s my stash spot:


I hope you got a glimpse of what the rooms in Davidson look like, see you next Friday!


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    Thanks for showing us dorm life:)

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