Keeping Gould Healthy – School Guidelines for COVID-19

August 10, 2020

Staying Healthy So We Can Stay Together!

Gould is excited to open campus and continue doing what we do best; enabling world-class faculty to support and connect with motivated students in an inspiring natural setting. Our location in Western Maine, where community spread of COVID-19 has been minimal, is currently one of the safest places in the country to live and work, which gives us great confidence in the decision to get back to in-person instruction. Please take a moment to look over some new school guidelines for COVID-19 that will allow us to stay healthy, so we can stay together!

The Gould Pledge

We understand our location is an advantage, but we also know that the only way we can safely open, and stay open in the long-term, is if we come together and make community health a common goal and priority. It is essential that all community members sincerely take the Gould Pledge and live it every day.

Keeping your distance, washing and sanitizing your hands often, and wearing a mask whenever required are essential components of Gould’s COVID-19 guidelines

School Guidelines for COVID-19

Day-to-day life will be different, but the core Gould experience will remain intact. If we embrace the mantra “we’re all in this together” we will persevere and keep Gould healthy and safe. There is no doubt that we are stronger when we are together.

The way we navigate campus; the dorms, the academic buildings, the dining hall, athletic facilities, and the town of Bethel, is going to be new. A lot of thought and planning went into guidelines so please watch these videos, read and adhere to campus signage, and before long, all of our safety measures will become second nature.

You may discover that some modifications will lead to new traditions and unique activities that will make your Gould experience even more special.

REMEMBER: all of these measures are specific to Level Orange, the campus response level that Gould will start the school year at.

A Cautionary COVID Tale

This Mr. Alford earworm will ensure you remember the rules!

The Dining Hall – You’ve Been Served

Take the proper steps and you won’t go away hungry! More to come on the new snack bar soon.

Dorm Life – Take a tour of Holden with Mr. & Mrs. Moses

Your dorm rules may differ slightly, but here’s the general rundown.

Masking, Handwashing, & Distance

The three basic things we can all do to ensure a healthy school year!

Campus Signage Samples

A few of the signs you’ll see around campus.

Take a look at our most recent reopening plan!

Gould - Welcoming You Home

Missing in-person instruction?


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