“Just Turkey, Turkey, Turkey”

November 13, 2015

Hi Glog-fellows,

Today is the last day of Exam week before everyone gets to go on Thanksgiving break. I thought it would be fun to ask some International students about their expectations and first impressions on Thanksgiving.


Alejandra: (Zaragoza, Spain)

Before First Thanksgiving:

“well I had no idea what Thanksgiving even was”

After Experiencing Thanksgiving:

“For some reason I ended up in Lucien and Ella’s house”

“well I think I still don’t know what Thanksgiving is”

“I like that…. pumpkin cake”

“They were going around the table saying what they were thankful for, most of them were saying their family and friends, and it got to me and I said, Thanks for the Turkey!” (She thought that they were saying thank you to the person to their right, and the person to her right was Ella’s mom, so she thanked her for making the turkey)


Uma Ferrer: (Barcelona, Spain)

After Experiencing Thanksgiving:

“I went to Gracie’s house and thought it was just gonna be her parents and us having dinner together, but it went on for the whole entire day with 40 people in the house!”

“it was awesome… so different from Spanish culture”

“We ate Turkey for 1 entire week”


Ken Huang: (Taiwan)

Never Experienced Thanksgiving:

“I feel like it’s just going to be a wooden round table with a huge turkey in the middle, thats what I see in movies!”

“with a bunch of people around the table cutting their turkey”

“just turkey, turkey, turkey!”

“maybe some candles on the table”


Robert Zhu: (China)

Before First Thanksgiving:

“I was thinking like, well, its just a group of family members that come together that don’t usually meet together, your cousins, ones you don’t usually see in the daytime”

“Kinda like spring festival meal in China”

“All the parents, all the grand parents cook”

After Experiencing Thanksgiving:

Favorite food: “Well of course the Turkey, the giant Turkey”

“Snacks are pretty cool”

“Whats that apple stuff?”

“Pumpkin pie is also really good”


Because Gould has so many people from so many different countries that will be experiencing an American Thanksgiving for the first time this vacation, the weekly song that is sure to get stuck in your head: It’s a Small World.




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