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January 12, 2015

Last post I talked about everything that has been going on, and I didn’t really introduce myself other than  a basic who-I-am. Today I will write about how I got to where I am with skiing.

I have been skiing my entire life. My first time on skis technically started in a back-pack on one of my parent’s backs. Not very exciting, so jump ahead a few years to my first pair of skis! My first time actually skiing was with a pair of fishscales that you strap your boot into. All I remember about this is my mom skiing around our yard behind me  saying “swish, swish, swishing like a fish” as I struggled to complete one circle around our yard.

Fast forward a couple years again in which I didn’t like to ski and spent a long time struggling to get up small hills on fishscale skis. During this time I learned how to skate by  being told to click my heels together like Dorothy form the Wizard of Oz, even though I had never seen the movie. I attended my first ever race and came in last because I took wrong turn and wasn’t feeling well.

When I was in fifth grade and opportunity arose for me to ski and race with the Telstar Middle School Team. I started training even though I could barley ski. When I think back to this time all I can remember is my first time on skis with the team and skiing up and down the bunny hill at Sunday River, and how tiring it was.

In 6th and 7th grade skiing became my passion and more of my friends started skiing. I also started running, which I felt was a major step farther into the Nordic world. Also during this time I decided to do the Winter Term program at Gould, which I knew would be totally awesome and fun for the skiing  and academic parts of my life. Fast and Female, Lauren Jacobs, Molly Seigel, and many more Gould Nordic girls have been very inspiring to me. But what mostly drives my skiing is how much fun it is, and as my dad reminds me, “all that matters is that it is fun” and this is true.   

My first days on skis

Mia 7th grade


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  1. Avatar Brett Shifrin says:

    I love this post! Boy does time fly by. It is due to many of the great coaches in Bethel that have helped you develop and love skiing: Dick Taylor, Kirk Siegel, Steve Keene, Wade K, Brad Clarke, Jeremy Nellis, Fred Bailey, and Chris Barstow. I am sure there are more out there.

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