Junior Nationals Fairbanks

March 14, 2013

A quick photo update from Fairbanks:

The opening organizers meeting.  Birch Hill has a beautiful, modern facility and the organizing committee is doing world class work.

A panorama (click to enlarge) of the stadium – early in the morning, when the coaching staff arrives to prepare for the day.

Sadie is having some great races (and great fun!)  She skied a gutsy leg in the 3x3km relay and absolutely nailed it – she was tagged in 8th place, and tagged off in 6th place, including the OJ girls field!

Sadie has been working hard to take care of some pain in her legs that has been recurring during skate events – her attention to it leading up the races paid off with a very successful skate performance.  In the finishing pen after the 5km girls skate:

Birch hill is a tremendous and beautiful venue – wide trails with wild drops and substantial climbs.  Rumor is that they put in an event bid for some type of winter championship event that included bobsled or luge but didn’t get it – there are remnants of what appears to be a partially built luge run running down through part of the 5km course.

Temps at the beginning of the week were in the 20-30 degree range – now some colder weather is moving in.  Shelby ’11 (now at Bowdoin) and Sadie in the finish pen:

Nick Mahood (Woodstock) and Seth Hubbard (MWSC) working on wax testing in from the wax cabin.  We have top notch staff working their tails off to support the athletes, from skis, to schedules, to racing.

Justin Beckwith from GMVS eating some c-store za.  Mahood: have you seen the ingredients?!

Skate sprints coming up tomorrow – more pictures later in the week.


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  1. Avatar Tyler Kochman says:

    That luge rumor is not a rumor at all. There in fact was briefly a luge course there I believe. What I do know is that in the late 1980s there apparently was a luge track there. In the late 80s when Anchorage was bid for the 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympics, Fairbanks was to host the luge events at their newly-opened course located at Birch Hill.

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