John Drew, Everyone!

May 18, 2013
Hellooo everyone! Unfortunately I was unable to get a video interview with John, so I got all the necessary details from him on Facebook.
Here’s how our conversation went:
Cathryn: Okay, let’s start with just basics: name, age, hometown, years at gould, college next year and plans for your major
John Drew: I’m John Drew, I’m 17 years of age, I live in Bethel,ME , I’m a four year senior… I’m going to be attending a 3+2 Program for Mechanical Engineering at St. Michael’s College and The University of Vermont next year.
C: Okay the tough(er) stuff: favorite color, book, movie, class, animal, and musical artist
JD: Hmm.. probably Green, favorite book is a tough one, right now it’s probably The Ascent of Rum Doodle by W.E. Bowman (Could Change within a few days…) , Favorite Movie: hmmm…. not sure. get back to me before the end of the interview. Class: I honestly can’t give you a favorite. I love them all, in different ways. Animal: Probably the American Bald Eagle. Musical Artist: I have many favorites. To name a few right now: Tame Impala, Bad Books, Grateful Dead, Phish, Led Zeppelin
C: What is your favorite memory of gould?
JD: Wow, that’s a tough one. Could be the blustery day on top of Caribou over Junior Four Point, Hiking up the Great Wall on Freshman Four Point, Or it could be all that Day Student Pride at Winter Carnival!
C: What will you miss the most about gould when you leave?
JD: What will I miss the most? All of the people… and all of the activities we did! Earn Your Turns with the crew, Weekend Hikes with various teachers, Southam Advisory dinners… The list goes on. I hate to think about it!
Good thing I live in town, I’ll be dropping by quite a bit!
C: What’s your most profound piece of wisdom you could impart on current and future students?
JD: Try anything that won’t get you in too much trouble, Meet everyone, Smile and say hi to everybody, and don’t give up! Hard times come, and they pass! You’ll be all the better for it!
C: What’s your advice to the person that will take your place (on the Glog)?
JD: Glog every single day you’re supposed to! People read, and they take notice, and they get bummed out when you miss one! It doesn’t take very long, and even if you don’t think you did something interesting, somebody else is excited to hear about what you’re doing!
C: and how well do you think you caricature represents you?
JD: Well, I used to think it was pretty close… but I cut my hair really short for bike season, and I really don’t have freckles… so I don’t know! I’ve grown to love that caricature though!
Also, favorite movie! “A river runs through it” incredible story.
John, it’s been great to have you as a part of the Glog team, you and the other seniors will be missed!

The REAL John Drew, everyone.


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