Jefe’s Final Exam Help Session

November 10, 2015

OVERHEARD IN 10THE GRADE ENGLISH CLASS: “But…doing our work ahead of time is so TIME CONSUMING!  Cuz, it’s…like…LOGICAL!”

If you are reading this now, you know that this is FINAL EXAM TIME!  Yes, this is the time of year when video game control units get lonely; when Netflix looks at their Bethel, Maine bandwidth use and says “what happened?”

This is when procrastinators really buckle down and clean their rooms.

You should see it on campus, folks. Oh, wait, you CAN! I almost forgot that I have a brand new camera (it makes phone calls and sends texts too, by the way) and it’s with me all the time, and I can actually SHOW you what campus looks like! It looks like this:


Or this:


Or even THIS!



Yes, we are hard at work on campus this week looking back on History, brushing up our Shakespeare, fine-tuning our music theory, and travaillant sur le français (pardon my French) among other things. Well, Glogsters (like hipsters, only with Glogs), I have been to the mountaintop.

Not really, but I HAVE been to the faculty room. And I saw some final exams just lying around. So I did some extensive research (looked at a couple of pieces of paper) and I came up with some special help on final exams for our students. I will now give you the top ten list of helpful FINAL EXAM ANSWERS:

10. La profesora FUE

9. Nitrous Polygloopase

8. True

7. X= the-third-to-last-letter-of-the-alphabet

6. French dressing

5. E: None of the above

4. Grover Cleveland

3. Darth Vader is Harry Potter’s father

2. Iguanastan became a country in 1980

1. 42.


Good luck on your exams!!

Oh, and here’s something that I shamelessly stole from Brooke. I’m putting on a “Psyche-you-up” final exam song on here. (Don’t worry Brooke, I won’t do it again…or WILL I?)


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