Jambo! You are going to Tanzania!

November 22, 2016

Ha Jambo!
(Hello, how are you?)

Habari gani?
(What is the news with you?)


2016 Four Point Group at TSSS

With these phrases of Swahili, I am pleased and excited to announce that you are traveling to Tanzania for the Four Point program. Mrs Donovan and Mr Newell are your teacher leaders, and you are in for an amazing experience.


A journey in Tanzania.

Please take some time to open the the link below and read it through carefully as a family. There are some important tasks that you need to tend to and answers to many questions that must be racing through your mind. Mrs Donovan, Mr Newell, and I are happy to answer any questions.  We will all meet as a group over the Winter Family Weekend as well to cover more of the details.


Have a great day!


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