Jackson Jaunt and a beautiful OD

January 6, 2013

Gould headed over to Jackson today for a 3 hour classic OD to wrap up the week.  It was a busy day with the Jackson Jaunt going on as well!  We dropped the skiers off in downtown Jackson at the Touring Center for waxing:

Then Schuyler and I grabbed a bite to eat at the J-Town Deli, since he had some time before the BKL race.

We headed up to watch the Jackson Jaunt, where we ran into many of the college skiers who stayed home from US Nationals.  It was like a mini-carnival!  We saw skiers from Colby, Bowdoin, Bates, Middlebury, UVM, Dartmouth, and more.

Cam Regan, from NYA, skiing for Colby:

Winter term skier Schuyler jumped in the BKL race and took first place by a mile!

We enjoyed skiing around with friends after the race before returning to the lodge where the hungry skiers had lunch.

The Jackson Ski Touring Foundation has free passes for high school teams – what a great benefit, thanks!  It’s a historic lodge (in a historic region) – they have pictures all over the walls of races that have been held there.  I was disappointed to see that the NCAA pictures from 2007 had been moved (since I was not-so-prominently featured in the 3rd row of the mass start!)… but, this one from the 2009 UNH Carnival captures a classic moment  with Sylvan Ellefson, Glenn Randall, Doug Debold, and Dakota Blackhorse Von-Jess getting in a tangle.

Tonight is Warren Miller movie night for us (half the team didn’t even know who Warren Miller is?!?) and probably a quick showing of Al Pacino’s “Inches” speech, since nobody caught my reference to that earlier in the day either… classes start again on Tuesday!


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    Nick, Thank you! You are doing a great job with the team and I love the blog.

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