March 4, 2016

Hola glogitos and glogitas!

As the junior class is concluding their 6th day in the woods, I’ve been reminiscing about my Junior 4-Point experience. I’ve been thinking about the ups: when we got to the top of the mountains on our day hikes, when we reunited as a group after conquering “solo,” when it was warm and we sang as we trekked over moose tracks in 2 feet of powder (a little different than this year!), and when we figured out that Pop (Mr. White) was one of the nicest and most kindhearted men in the world. And the downs: the day when the wind was whipping, it was getting dark, and we couldn’t find our campsite, when we realized that there were still 4 more days of being in the woods after conquering solo, every time that someone fell into a spruce trap, and personally; the day that I sunk into the snow up to my hip while pulling a sled, and we had to stop and dig my leg out of the ground because my snowshoe was lodged into the mud.


As I lay here on my bed, inside my house, I wonder how the juniors are doing and I hope that they are enjoying their own ups and remembering that their downs will only last a few more days. When they get out, they will be able to look back on this experience as one of the most unique and life changing things that they have ever done. For anyone reading this with concern, take my word for it that the impact that Junior 4-Point has on a person as an individual, and as a part of a group, is huge. It is an important part of what makes Gould so distinct and special.

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You can do it juniors!!! Enjoy every second!



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