I’ve Missed You

February 14, 2009

It really has been to long. Last week, my blog wouldn’t post so I guess I’ll just have to make up for it this week. There is so much to tell you all, and I had to wait until tonight because tonight was the winter term dance performance. Along with five other girls and our teacher, Mr. Penley, we danced in front of parents and students within the GA community. I was very nervous, because I tend to preform more often on fields, or courts but it was so much fun and everyone really seemed to like it. There should be pictures on Flikr, (Gould’s website for posting and sharing pictures) within the next few weeks. Keep your eyes pealed for those! This week was a busy and great week at the Academy. As others wrote about Wednesday when the whole school went to Sunday River for the day to watch our athletes win NEPSACS, I have my own adventures to write about from this week. The rugrats instructor took both Wednesday and Thursday off for our last day of teaching the fourth and fifth graders how to ski and snowboard. Each class got a whole day with their instructors and we had as much fun with the kids as they did with us. My two fourth graders had never skied five weeks ago and were on what’s called ‘cone hill’. By the end of yesterday they were riding the chair like pro’s and were dominating all of South Ridge. We were all very excited.
This morning, since I had missed a couple math classes recently, I went over to my math teachers house and caught up with everything during my free dot. This is a very typical of our teachers here at GA. They are so inviting and welcoming and they really want us, their students, to succeed. Mr. Shifrin, my math teacher who also works with a lot of the freshman, has posted pictures and other great things on this website: http://brettshifrin.edublogs.org. Check that out!
Freshman are gearing up for China, Juniors for the woods, Seniors for break next week, and Sophomores for being the only ones on campus. Gould is a very busy place right now. Look for those pictures on the Flikr website and check out the Freshman blog!
Any questions or comments about the events lately?
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Seeya next week!

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