Its the Moooost Wonderful Time of the Ye-ar!

December 10, 2007

It is chilly up here in the North Country, and plenty of snow too. Winter has definitely set in and so has the Christmas spirit. Some of the more impatient people have even given Christmas presents to each other. Holden Hall is decorated with lights and tinsel, and the bookstore has Christmas Carols on the radio 24/7.

I was talking today about how close Christmas break really is, its only a week and a half before we’re off from school again. I’m a little worried about this next bit of school before break though, I feel like teachers might give tests, projects and papers all at the same time in order to finish a section before break, but we’ll see. The thought that I’m almost on break will keep me going too.

This last Friday both the Women and Men Basketball teams brought home the big W against Greater Portland Christian School. Chelsea “COB” O’Brien dominated the glass and the opposing girls, being both an offensive and defensive power house. On the Men’s side, Joe “Vertical Leap” Johnson got something like 32 points, just plain crazy! The fan turnout was awesome at the game, the field house was packed. The Africa Group at Gould that is trying to raise money for the water crisis in Africa had a great fundraiser where they wrote the name and number of different players on cookies and sold them at the game. Rumor has it that they made something like $280!

Snowball is next weekend, and it’s really snuck up on me! I kind of have a tradition of going for the unique look for my outfit every year at snowball. My Freshman year, my brother Finn “Grizzly Adams” Donovan an I wore really tight 70’s leisure suits, I think mine was actually the one my dad wore to his wedding. Then Sophomore year, I borrowed an antique suit from Mrs. Taylor with tails, a cane, and a scaly cap. Last year, my two best friends and I got different colored turtle neck suits, in the style of Robert Goulet. I can’t quite think of anything to wear this year yet, I’m sure I’ll pull something off, but if anyone has any ideas, write me a comment here and maybe I’ll pick your suggestion!

Well, that’s all from the home frontier, next week will be full of stories of Snowball and this week and classes and anything else exciting. Adios!


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