It’s “that” week!

January 17, 2009

Dear Gloggers,
In the title, “that” week is the one week, typically in January, when Gould Academy does not wake up in above zero temperatures at all. This week brings back a lot of memories and stories for everyone, but most often the tales come from current seniors about the previous years junior four point, and each individuals adventure into the cold northern New England woods. The class of 2010 has just started to face the reality of their nine day adventure starting at the end of February. These cold temperatures always bring back great memories of finding firewood, setting up tarps and packing sleds. I believe it makes everyone appreciate their cozy warm beds here at school a little more. The class of 2012 is also getting excited to go on their four point to China and some seniors have started the countdown to graduation; a bittersweet feeling.

A group from the girls dorm will be making a trip down to Boston on Sunday to visit and shop in the city. Also Martin Luther King Jr. day is right around the corner and as always, we have a fun and informative day planned here at the Academy. Each student will attend two seminars of their choice, on a variety of different topics. Each student taking AP Comparative Governments this year has a different country to present on. My country is Nigeria and my partner and I will be discussing government, politics and human rights issues throughout the country.

Any questions or comments about four point projects, MLK day, or anything else feel free to post!
Any guesses for the lowest temperature we woke up this week?

Until next week,


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