It’s Spring!

February 10, 2009

Ok, just kidding. But look at the green peeking through the snow on Schroy field! We don’t expect to see green grass for several weeks… or months. The new turf field has been snow-blown AND plowed. Now just a little sun and warm temperatures will reveal the full green-ness. Of course it would take just one snow storm to cover it in white again. We’ll see which way it goes.

This is what it looks like on our other field- football with snowshoes!

The most recent excitement here at Gould includes juniors starting to prepare for 8 days of winter camping and freshmen gearing up for their trip to China. It’s remarkable to me that we have only 2 weeks of class left. Winter flies here.

Over the past few Glogs I haven’t included as many pictures as I’d like. The truth is that it takes a lot of time for photos to upload to the Glog. The following pictures are not from the most recent week at Gould. They’re from Winter Carnival week. See anyone you recognize?

Until next week, Gloggers,



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