It’s Hard To Sum Up A Week In A Title

October 6, 2013

Hey everyone, I have never been good at creating a creative title that can draw people’s attention into my post, but seriously, it was hard to pick a highlight of the week since there were many crazy (and awesome) things going on! Here are the best moments of my week…so far :

1. Watching the night sky with my Astronomy class at 9pm out on the upper field. It was a great night seeing a starry sky with some fleeting meteors. Luckily, I was not really disappointed of the fact that Pegasus constellation cannot look like the winged horse from Greek mythology, but hey, a standing ovation for whoever named these constellations!

2. (Last) MOUNTAIN DAY! For me, MOUNTAIN DAY! is more than just a day when classes are cancelled. It is a day when our whole community of hikers and non-hikers get together, and it is also a day when I really have to step out of my comfort zone. As much as I am not comfortable with hiking, the beautiful landscape, the delectable lunch, and the satisfaction of climbing to the top of another mountain were really worth it.  It was also the perfect time for advisory group photo, too. (And special thanks to Natalie for a creative way of addressing MOUNTAIN DAY!)

3. Going on a field trip to Fryeburg Fair with my Digital Photography class. It was great to see different animals, listen to live music and just wander around watching people. I got back on campus with a lot of photos waiting to be deleted and edited. Not to mention that the food there was so good I forgot that I needed to take photos.

4. Today I am going to Boston on a 3-day college trip with Zaza, Belis, Alvaro, James ’14, Idil ’15 and our beloved college counselor, Mrs. Kimball. We’re going to see some colleges, have a lot of fun and eat some Vietnamese as well as Turkish food. This college trip also means that I will miss a whole bunch of weekend activities at school; sign-up sheets for different activities have been around since Wednesday!

Have an absolutely awesome Sunday and I’ll catch up with you all next time!



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