it’s four degrees outside…

January 11, 2010

Hello Gould Academy.
I hope everyone’s first week back went well – it was definitely a struggle for me at least to get settled back into a day starting at 6:15 in the morning. This weekend especially was long. The alpine team headed bright and early up to Sugarloaf on both Saturday and Sunday, with the vans leaving at 6 am SHARP. The team had excellent results though, pictured here is Jackson and Sarah, both finishing in the top 3 for J2’s.

Back to academics – we have scheduled workshops taking place next Monday on MLK Day as Alice previously mentioned. Our AP US History class is taking part in hosting the workshops, so I will definitely be busy this week planning for them. The homework seems to be piling up also in other classes, mostly because midterms are at the end of the week!

Oh, you’re probably asking what is with the title of this glog entry? Well, I just wanted to let everyone who isn’t in Bethel know how horribly cold it is up here… and the temperature continues to drop.

See you next week! (that is, if I survive the cold)


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