its beginning to look a lot like christmas…

December 7, 2009

Hey everyone. Its a chilly evening up here in Bethel, and as I look outside my window of Gehring I see one thing. SNOW. Last night it snowed for multiple hours, blanketing the town with a fresh layer of snow. For most of the night, people were outside running around embracing the new snow, and were beginning to realize that winter was finally on its way. The mountain too, was thankful for the snowfall because it meant they could finally open more than a half of a trail to customers. The alpine team went up this afternoon, and we were able to train for a couple hours on some new snow which was nice. Other teams went up earlier in the day, but I was happy that I could finally sleep in later than 7:00.

Campus life has been sort of different this past week, the start of the winter trimester. Maybe it’s because everyone’s stressed about the new schedule because of its complicity, or possibly because after class there’s a wave of people rushing down to catch the buses to the mountain. Whatever it is, it’s definitely tainted by a little bit of stress, something normal at Gould Academy during the winter time. But it’s definitely worth it, because I can assure you there’s nothing better than being able to go skiing after a long morning of classes.

Besides stressing over homework during these next couple weeks, us students have something to look forward to: snowball. Girls have been running around for WEEKS (some even months) looking for the perfect dress to wear. Luckily I just found mine last night, with a week to go. Thank God because a week is cutting it pretty close!

I hope everyone has a great week!


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