It’s About Time…

October 12, 2013

Happy Saturday Glogies!

The air is fresh and the leaves are crisp and it’s that time of year again when we have our fall parents’ weekend. This is a great opportunity for our  parents, who love us unconditionally, to see and experience first-hand how their precious “apple-of-their-eye” children interact in a classroom. On friday, we had all 7 classes that parents attended and the teachers all acted… Well… Normal! Obviously they felt no need to impress the parents because they’re already pretty awesome (:

When I went to my dot 3 Ceramics class, it was really fun and entertaining to watch the parents learn how to make a bowl. My fellow students and I helped our parents out just a little bit with wedging the clay, centering they clay on the bat (a ceramics term for the round thing that sits on the pottery wheel), and teaching them how to go about shaping something from a hunk of nothing. Here is a great shot of the parents that I snatched from the Gould Academy Facebook page (which you all should go like *cough cough*).

I also had to give a debate… Yes in front of parents… (Thank you Mr. Bean). But I do have to say that I think we all rocked it! I was debating about the NSA and their ability to track, trace, and detect our nation’s technological footprint. A very tough subject but my partner and I busted out all the good stuff.

After a very long day, both for the students and their parents, we were treated to a lovely cookout dinner, not to mention those delectable brownies! (I know that I saw someone snatching at least 17 in one sitting).

And finally… it’s time to go HOME! (for most boarding students anyway, those day students get the luxury of home every day). Even though it is a short break, it’s still exciting and relaxing to go home and be in my own room, own bed, home cooked meals (in my case, home cooked meals at my friends’ houses), and some downtime to spend with friends and family that we usually don’t get to see because we are stuck… err, living in the wonderful town of Bethel, ME for a while! (I do like Bethel, I really do). I mean look at how beautiful the view is! (and this is only one part!)

Anyway, this is where I must leave you.
Talk to you next Saturday!

“Conquer your fears, or they will conquer you”
~ fortune cookie #3


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