It’s a bad day to be looking for a hot shower at Gould!

March 3, 2008

There back!!!

They are tired! They smell!! They want out of their mouse boots!!! There are lots of smiles and “We did it!”‘s!!!! And they are in the showers. This is not a good morning to be measuring hot water consumption or looking for an available shower at Gould.

Seventy something juniors and sixteen faculty and trip leaders returned from the woods this morning after braving deep snows, two snow storms and temps that dipped towards -20 at least one night. The good news is that there were many smiles and great stories. And just to show that friendship trumps everything else, the need to embrace each other trumped the fragrance of eight days of smoke and hiking!

The eight groups were greeted by a team of faculty volunteers (thanks very much to all) who help organize de-issue and keep everybody focused on final clean-up before running for the showers. Now most are in the first of what will for many be a several day cycle of showering, napping and eating. It is not a great time to push this gang for much of anything else. they do deserve the break after this major accomplishment.

I also want to take a few moments to say thank a few people:

  • To all the faculty who work so hard to make an experience like this possible, including especially Mr. Baker, Mr. Wight and Mr. Hedden (among others) who worked on al sorts of logistics behind the scenes.
  • To Mr. Manning for doing a great job of coordinating the emergency response process back here on campus. This is an important part of making sure that all are safe in some pretty challenging circumstances and Rob had all of the bases covered.
  • To the fifteen Gould community members and especially JP, Marty, Devon and Kyle who gave up their Friday to execute a flawless evacuation of one of the juniors who had her hurt her leg. (She is recovering.)
  • To the Quimby Family Foundation for their generous support of this special program. Your gift helped make all the participants safer and more comfortable as they completed this endeavor. Many of them will remember and talk about this for many years to come and your generosity helps make it happen. Thanks.

Based on all of the stories that , it was another great Junior Point.


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