It Really is “Social” Media

October 13, 2011

So we just got back from a 4 day break from the Academy, after parents weekend, which we spent in NYC.

Now for those of you who know me (Chris) and Helen, know that we are a little obsessed with Social Media. Facebook, Youtube  and Twitter mainly, dabbling in Tumblr and Flickr ( all of which can be found at the Gould Life page)

So where does social media come into our trip to NYC. Well, we went to a Daphne Guinness fashion show at the Museum at FIT the Fashion Institute of Technology, which a friend of Helens had posted on Facebook. We knew Jamin ’12 was in the city and she loves clothes and shoes, Helen texted Jamin and she seemed excited about going, not sure if she found the time, as she was looking at Colleges.

Story number two, while Helen and I where in Tea and Sympathy, having a lovely cuppa tea, we checked-in on Facebook and noticed Joel Parker ’05 and Snowboard Team alum, had just been to the Natural History Museum, which isn’t that strange, other than the fact he lives in Portland OR and we haven’t seen him in 4yrs…!

After a couple of texts, we meet Joel and his girlfriend outside the NY Library and caught up on the last 4 yrs. Pictures and stories can be found on Twitter “@ridegould” and Facebook “Gould Academy Competition Program”

We’ve really found over the last couple of years, that “tagging” where you are, “checking-in” to a location and seeing who’s “nearby”, although a little sad, is a great way to connect with alums and Gouldies than we never would of.

So it’s really not that sad at all…….!!!

Chris and Helen

PS, I purposley didn’t post the pics, as I want you to click through and find them, think of it as a Social Media test…!!


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