It Feels Pretty Good

May 25, 2011

I started off the year by writing about how most of the technology of this world has been taken over true inspiration and writing.  I want to end the year by honoring that.  During this year I was lucky enough to be accepted to Bucknell University, and when I read the acceptance letter on the internet at 6 in the morning, on my decrepit blue couch, I just cried.  Before then I really cannot ever remember the last time I cried, but this feeling was amazing; the feelings of accomplishment, happiness, and just overall joy came out in tears.

The reason I am talking about this, and embarrassing myself, is because I wished and wondered when the next time I would get to experience the same emotions.  I longed for a day where I could get even a glimpse of what I felt that morning.  After winning the lacrosse MAISAD finals, the same sort of emotion overcame me. As I was blankly walking around the field hugging my teammates and listening to the screams of the fans, I didn’t cry, but I let the emotions overtake me, and for that instant, I had everything I needed.  And I’m sure when my name is called to receive my diploma, then sense of bliss and completeness will overtake me once again.

But I can only hope, and the least I can ask for is that every other student of Gould Academy receiving their diploma shares the same euphoria that encompassed me.  So for my last glog, I am going to share the most important lesson I’ve learned up until this point in my life: chase that feeling.  I wish all of the kids in the class of 2011 good luck in the next few years.  I mean that too, now is not the time to hold any grudges, I mean what’s the point?  It’s the last time, ever, we’re going to be together in this way.  Take advantage of it and embrace the moment of when you’re standing on the stage, under the tent, and the wind is blowing just right.  I love you guys, and I hope you (the reader) enjoyed at least some of my blogs.

It’s been an honor,

Alex Cooperstone


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  1. Avatar Carry says:

    That’s a very thoughtful post, Alex. Great job this year, and good luck chasing the feeling!

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