It all starts with paper craft

December 16, 2013
James and JinFae learn to piece together patterns

James and Jingfei learn to piece together patterns


This was a big weekend at Gould Academy–lots of fresh powder, lots of ski racing, lots of decorating for the Snowball, and lots of swing dancing Sunday night. And if you were hanging out with Mr. and Mrs. Autrey Saturday night, you were learning how to download a pdf print from the Internet, cut the pattern out, and piece it together.


Why is this skill so important? Patterning and precise hand cutting are essential maker skills. The ability to search and scan for what you want and even find files to modify allow you enter the zone of customization. It was fun to witness the concentration and problem solving going on as these makers were lining up pieces, taping oh so carefully and being very grateful for Mrs. Autrey’s paper craft skills.

What’s next? Check out this link to see how makers can design their own planes using Google Sketch Up and our ShopBot CNC router.



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