Is it a Church Street Speed Trap?

September 28, 2012

Walking across campus this week, I happened upon Mr. Hedden’s Ninth Grade physics class standing at the edge of Church Street equipped with smartphones, clipboards, and measuring tape.

At first, I thought they might be heading over to measure the square footage of the Ruby’s house. Maybe they were helping DOT with the sidewalk paving project. Could they have partnered with the local law enforcement to help nab dangerous drivers? That must be it. It’s a Gould Academy speed trap!

I realized I had better investigate further, and just ask them what they’re doing.
Watch the video below and find out what they were up to!

Ok, so they weren’t making any citizen’s arrests. But remember; the next time you go cruising down Church Street eating a sandwich while blasting your radio, the students are watching, and taking notes.


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