Intro To Spring

April 10, 2015

The first weeks back from a month long break, during which students did their four points, prepared for spring sports, and finishing up their on-snow seasons. We’re just getting used to the 1.5 hour classes, long practices, and actually having to do school work for the first time in a month. The snowboard team got back to school a week late, coming in from nationals in Colorado. Here’s some of their team out west:

(credit: Shannon Maguire)



The seniors had more freedom with their vacation, getting a month off and deciding when to do their four points, and they presented their projects this past Tuesday. Here’s Max Southam at the U.S. / Mexico border, photo taken by Mr: Southam:


And here’s Hattie Rosenberg ’15 planting Mangroves in Costa Rica:

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.40.58 PM

For me, how well of a trimester I have depends on the sports I play, and how much fun I have playing those sports. Playing sports helps students blow off some steam, and is the primary source of fun after school. Sports and activities in the spring include: cycling, lacrosse, baseball, farm and forest, drama, skateboard, tennis, softball, and outing club. Here’s a picture of Lexi Stewart ’15 doing a kick flip over a gap at the Bethel skatepark:


And here’s the Jameson Harding ’15 and Tucker Grout ’16 in the lacrosse game against Bridgton:


And Victor Zhong ’17 grilling chicken tenders at the girls lacrosse game:


Spring is my favorite trimester, BY FAR, and I can’t wait until the snow melts, and the weather gets better. Hopefully by next glog post the snow will melt! See ya next Friday!


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