¡Intercambio estudiantil entre Gould Academy y el Colegio Juan de Lanuza!

October 14, 2014

OVERHEARD IN THE FACULTY ROOM: (unnamed teacher)“Oh, SUGAR BEAR!” (glogger extraordinaire) “And with that, a new curse word is born.”

This is a veryveryvery busy week at the Academy for this Glogger and Spanish teacher. This week we are joined in Gouldville by nine intrepid young Spanish students from the city of Zaragoza (winner of the 2012 gold award for “city with the most fun name to say with a Spanish accent”-just aske a Spaniard and you’ll see what I mean). These students from the Juan de Lanuza school (translation: the JOHN de Lanuza school) have traveled all the way from the Spanish plain, where the rain mainly rains, to visit us in Western Maine. They have come for the language and the cultural experience, they have come for the opportunity to soak in nature for a week, but mostly, they have come for that greatest of all Gouldly delights, that heavenly sweet morsel of Gould goodness- they have come for formal dinner.  Look, here they are:

Formal dinner winners

Formal dinner winners

I asked one of the students (we’ll just call him “Jorge”) if he liked formal dinner. His look said it all. Mostly because his mouth was full of food and so his words couldn’t say much.

So I’ve been busy with these “maños” (ask them what it means) pretty much every day and night, planning outings, showing movies, driving all over western Maine, in order to make sure that our visitors accomplish 2 things:

A. So they see everything there is to see here in our corner of the planet, and

2. So they don’t bother their hosts while they are trying to study.

It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it. And it’s really worth it. And this cultural exchange is the gift that keeps on giving- in March, 8-10 Gould students will travel to Zaragoza to complete the other half of the exchange, and to savor that most Spanish of all great Spanish things: the Spanish mother.


I’ve been so bust that I haven’t really taken the time to look around and to see what a beautiful fall we are having. I’ll let a couple of veteran Gouldies express the beauty that is fall in Bethel:

A very Gould moment

A very Gould moment

Oh yeah, this is what they were looking at:

What they were contemplating, just before formal dinner

What they were contemplating, just before formal dinner


Until next week, I leave you with this Random Travel Photo:

Ask Mr Manning about this. I suspect he'll like it.

Ask Mr Manning about this. I suspect he’ll like it.


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