“Instant Adoring Boyfriend”

November 27, 2007

It’s always fun when kids come back from being away. There are new stories to be told, new shoes to be worn, new casts to be explained, new haircuts to be complimented, and sometimes new boyfriends to be met!

One of the girls came back to campus with an “Instant Adoring Boyfriend.” He’s a charming guy with bright blue eyes and scruffy blond hair who speaks with a British accent. While sitting casually on the couch he says things like, “I don’t understand those men who are obsessed with sports. I mean, it’s so pointless. I’d rather spend time with something more important- like… you.” Don’t worry, all you moms and dads out there. This adoring boyfriend takes the form of a DVD! Aaaah, technology.

Pete, my “adoring husband,” who also saw the “Instant Adoring Boyfriend” was quick to yank us all back reality. As we watched the “Instant Adoring Boyfriend” dish out compliments as he took out the trash, Pete, while holding our son, said, “don’t expect that girls. You’ll only be disappointed.” It’s good to have a man living in the girls dorm! Otherwise our girls might think that someday the “Instant Adoring Boyfriend” will crawl out from the computer screen, take a seat at the desk, and start writing that English paper while he calls to order a pizza… all while gazing lovingly into their eyes.

If any women out there are looking for an ego boost that’s hollow and shallow (yet highly entertaining) I recommend the DVD. Though I should say I only saw a snippet of what he has to offer. Not surprisingly the “Instant Adoring Boyfriend” is on youtube too. Just fun.

Back to reality… This week we’ll be welcoming 9 new students to Gould! We often have students join mid-year. This year’s mid-year admits will be going on an orientation trip with 2 faculty members and 2 seniors. In my opinion, there’s no better way to make new friends than to go in the wilderness. Life is simpler outside of town.

Classes and afternoon sports and activities start today. Back in full swing.

Until next week, Gloggers,



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