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February 15, 2013

Many, many thanks to those who made it through Nemo for Parents’ Weekend and rest assured to those who did not that you have all the information that you need through this blog.

I am pleased to report that we will visit the Maasai Alailelai Village in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that Judy Lane, freshman parent of Roger Mattson, supports. This is an amazing opportunity for us, and to take our luck a step further, Judy has co-ordinated her visit to the village with ours.  Judy’s visionary initiatives for educational scholarships, women’s microfinance and a goat program might just seed an inspiration for your child that carries them through their lives.

Please take a moment and click on  the highlighted area to take you to more information about the Alailelai Village and Judy’s vision.

Because we will visit the village, I am purchasing a copy of the book, Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna . The author of the book Herman Viola, is a friend of Admissions Director Todd Ormiston. We hope to invite Herman for a Skype conversation in the spring.


As well, exciting things have been happening at Tumaini. If you follow the school on their Facebook page (just click the highlight to get you there) or through the blog, you know the very important test results have arrived and it is Social Studies week.

For a full view of the recent progress and celebrations at Tumaini, please open the PDF on the email . I am very excited about the potential opportunity for our students to help demonstrate a collaborative teaching approach.




The next post will target trip details- stay tuned!


Sara Shifrin


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