Industrious, informative days and fun-filled nights (and birthdays)

March 8, 2013

Today we finished up our first round of workshops.  It’s hard to imagine that in two short days, we will be saying goodbye and heading off into a blissful spring break!

After a full day of workshops and activities yesterday, we were privileged to  hear a bit more about some of our artists. Crystal Cawley showed us images of her amazing paper art.  It’s difficult to say which of her pieces is the most beautiful and impressive…her jacket made of pieces of cut-up postcards or her dress made of circular cutouts from all the greeting cards her grandmother had saved! We also heard from George Mason who brought two original pieces of art and shared his insights on perspective.  There is a huge difference between looking at a piece of art for a few minutes in a museum as opposed to living with a piece of art day-in and day-out. If you have not seen George’s pieces in Gould’s Sanborn Library, I highly recommend them!

The program ended with everyone participating in the creation of a horizontal, continuous drawing.  Susan Webster gave each person in the room a 6X6 section of paper with specific guidelines on where to begin and end whatever it was one chose to draw.  This morning, the sections were put up in the dining hall to create a very long, very interesting drawing.


and so it begins…


…and continues

a close up


another closeup

It’s pretty amazing what twenty minutes of collective drawing can create!  Thanks to Susan Mason (partner of George Mason) for displaying this for us!

After the artists’ presentations, the students had games and rootbeer floats in the dining hall.  This morning, the ping pong tables were still hanging around, which is a good thing, as it gave Xiaolu another opportunity to beat Babacar.

nothing like a quick game after breakfast before heading off to workshops

Today, we finished up projects in the first workshop.  Below are some images.

filleted salmon



John cutting his beautiful fillet (yes, he did it himself) into portions for Saturday’s dinner

a group effort from the drawing workshop


Hunter comparing what he felt in the mystery bag to what he drew

Jinny adding a pink ribbon to her hat


Rose’s hat with a handmade feather




a pinhole camera in process


a mere piece of a lamp









Roman grinding down the edges of his lamp

I wasn’t able to take worthwhile pictures in the sculpture workshop with George or the improv workshop with CJ, but don’t worry, good progress is being made everywhere!

Tonight, after some time spent writing in journals, we took a few minutes to wish Hunter and Mr. Newell a happy birthday!  Thanks to the students in the cooking workshop who helped produce enough cupcakes for everyone.

birthday boys



making a wish


This evening, Susan Webster showed us images of her beautiful drawings and shared some of her techniques.  Her house and studio on Deer Isle are impressive.  David Wolfe, a printmaker who also has a studio worth visiting, followed Susan with images of his many posters created for historical societies on the coast of Maine.  His woodcuts are spectacular!  Eric Ziner rounded out the evening with photos of his metal work, his family and his cat.  His presentation ended with a short video of him working in his studio (also on Deer Isle) and his garden.  You should see his compost pile!

Tomorrow, the kids begin their second workshop.  Pictures and updates to follow. For more images, please visit Gould’s flikr page.




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