In Xi’an, safe and sound!

February 21, 2012

After a 2 hour flight (preceded by a 4 hour wait in the airport), team Xi’an arrived in the ancient capital of China, and the eastern terminus of the Silk road.  No sooner had we arrived than our intrepid students were whisked off by families, to be seen again tomorrow morning!  Each student received a nice gift from their host family, and we all look forward to their stories when we reconvene at Xi’an Foreign Language School tomorrow morning.

Pictures to follow tomorrow, as my computer is about to die and I’m missing a critical adapter (I’ll get it tomorrow).




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  1. Avatar Mama says:

    So glad to hear team Xi’an arrived safely. How exciting to be there! Look forward to hearing more news in the coming week – have a great one!!!

  2. Avatar Vicente says:

    Weicome come to Xi”an !

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