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March 10, 2015

I am so glad that you have been home resting and getting ready for the trip.  A rested mind is just what you need to absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of a new country. I have spent the week packing 13 large duffle bags of supplies.   We are bringing over 100s of  items in the categories of school supplies, clothing/footwear, musical instruments, sports equipment, and games and toys.  I recently completed two important things to being over: 65 handmade dolls kits and all the ingredients for s’mores.

There are a few things you MUST DO this week:

First, make sure your parents can access this blog easily. We will send updates from Tanzania to this blog site.


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Second, start packing. I am unavailable for last minute questions Friday through Sunday 8pm. Text me anytime this week, but as of Friday afternoon, I am out of cell range.  The packing list is on the blog linked right here with the TZ as a pdf file. Just click it.


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Third, get your money organized.


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Fourth, LEARN SWAHILI! The teachers sat down last week and developed this quick list of important phrases:


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Greeting same age– Mambo: mam-bo

Response: Poa! po-a

Greeting an elder (parent at home stay or teacher)– Shikamo’o: shee-ka-mo
Response: Ma-ra-ha-ba

Habari? ha-bar-ee? (How are you?)
Nzuri sana: n-zoo-ree sah-nah ( I am well.)

Jina langu ni…. : Gee-nah lan-goo nee … (My name is…)
Shalingi ngapi? (How many shillings?)

Fifth, watch the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy.  It is a 1980s film that is a slapstick comedy, but gives you a humorous look at Tanzania. Many Tanzanias have watched this film.


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All set? If not, time to start getting ready for a HUGE ADVENTURE!


Remember the departure details: 

1. On campus at GouldAcademy on March16 at1130am.

2. Students that live in the greater Boston area can meet the group at Boston’s Logan airport at 430 pm on March 16th.
3. Students flying to Boston will meet Mr. Hayward on March 15th.



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