In Copper

January 15, 2009

Right now I’m writing to you from Copper CO, I am here with 3 snowboarders, Robbie Moulton ’09, Chris Lee ’10 and Matt Schwartz ’12.
The boys are here competing in the USSA Revolution Tour event Series. This series of events determines the US Junior teams for the Jnr World Championships and also the riders who will be chosen for events such as the US Grand Prix, US Open and US development teams.
The three Gould riders are all competing in Slopestyle, a judged event, in which the competitor does “tricks” over jumps and rails. The course at the event includes 3 jumps, 25ft, 35ft and 50ft, then three rails.

The boys rode very well today, but unfortunately did not make finals, (top 5, in three 45 man heats…!!)
Tomorrow we will continue to train, before heading home on Saturday…

All the Best
Chris D


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