in and out

February 15, 2010

Hey everyone –

so this week I don’t have too much to talk about regarding what happened on campus, because since Wednesday I’ve been on a mini-vacation… mostly spent at home and at Stephen’s Memorial Hospital in Norway. On Wednesday, Mr. Baker drove me down to the hospital after I had been complaining of a sharp pain down near the appendix area of my stomach, and as luck would have it, I soon learned that I had appendicitis. Later that night I had emergency surgery to remove it.

Now I’m left with three small holes in my abdomen, left over from laparoscopic surgery; surgery where doctors are able to cut small incisions and use a
camera to navigate their way through the body. It’s much better than coming out of surgery
with a four inch slice in my side, which would leave a nasty scar… and of course I couldn’t
have that, seeing as I’m leaving for Maui shortly after we return from four point.

Speaking of four point, at the end of this week, all grades will begin their different journeys.
In different parts, Gould will explore local community, venture through the treacherous
Maine woods, and experience different parts of the word, as is the case for the Freshman
who will soon be traveling to China.

I hope everyone has a great last week of the winter term, and has a great experience on
four point.

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