I’m Voting For _______ in 4 days!

November 2, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!

As I’m hoping everyone knows, election day is in 4 days! It is also my father’s birthday!!!!! Happy early birthday DAD!!!!!

All right, back on task. So here at the Academy, there have been multiple debates amongst the students about the presidential election. I have heard every viewpoint: Romney all the way, Obama all the way, neither candidate, Gary Johnson, and a suggestion to abolish the government. Needless to say, it has been hectic.

If I were allowed to vote, it would really be a tough choice! Both candidates have ideas that I agree with, and both have ideas I disagree with.

A few weeks ago in AP Language and Composition, we were assigned an essay arguing something about the election. We were supposed to be working on our essays in class, but I’m afraid to say, not a single person was successful in working on their paper. It wasn’t that people were slacking off, instead, we were were waging full-out war against each other. All those controversial topics like same sex marriage and women’s rights were being bounced around.

A classmate of mine jokingly stated, “The only way to solve this is boxing matches.” Luckily this brought the mood of the class down and everyone let go of each others throats.

It is clear though that politics at Gould are not a joking matter and are taken seriously.

Once again, I have to cut this post short. I have a test in Spanish tomorrow! Wish me Luck! The ad below is for my good friend Marcello (’14)

Until Next Week,

Alec Manning


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