I’m BAAAACK!!!!!!

September 30, 2014

OVERHEARD IN THE FACULTY ROOM: “Hey, let’s start telling everyone that it’s mountain day today. And tomorrow. And the next day. Pretty soon they’ll stop asking.”

Welcome back to Glogworld, you Glog-tastic Gloginators! (Kudos to Melissa for preemptively taking the word “Gloggerspace” before I got here). for those of you just joining us here, I should probably introduce myself. But I won’t.

Okay, I will. Hello, my name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

No, wait, that’s Mandy Patinkin, not me! My name is Doug Alford, and I am a teacher at Gould Academy. In fact, I have been a teacher at Gould Academy since before they changed the last letter of the alphabet from “Zed” to “Zee” (someone had to do SOMETHING, I mean really, the alphabet song didn’t rhyme until then).

Anyways, here I am, for another year of “Tuesdays At The Academy.” So who am I?  Well, if I were an extra from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, I would look like this:

Me, after my morning espresso

Me, after my morning espresso

But I don’t really look like this. So disregard the photo.

So who am I really? Well, here are a few things I am, and a few I’m not.

I am:
A Spanish teacher, a ski patroller, a husband, a father, an advisor, a hiker.

I am not:
A mathematician, an acrobat, a ninja, a flutist, or any kind of tree nut.


I know, you feel like you really know me now, right? Ok, a little more about me.

I am:
A singer and guitarist, a voracious reader of The Economist, a white water raft guide, and a wearer of black vests.

I am not:
A fisherman, a tennis player, a good visual artist, an electrician, or a marsupial.

Most of all, for Glog-purposes, I am your Tuesday writer. Which means I get to comment on anything that Melissa says on Monday, without fear of repercussion until next Monday. Which in Gould Academy terms, is a lifetime away.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Oh, and it’s Mountain day today. And tomorrow.


p.s. This year I am including in each end every post a random travel photo. They are meaningless, but I like them. So I’m including them. Here’s the first:

This week's random travel photo: The Great Mosque of Córdoba, Spain

This week’s random travel photo: The Great Mosque of Córdoba, Spain



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  1. Avatar Pendog says:

    Such an amazing place in Cordoba. The Cathedral in the Mosque is so funky!
    And did you quote yourself? 😉

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