If you don’t like the weather at Gould……

April 26, 2011

OVERHEARD IN GEHRING HALL: ” I just want to go to bed with a big pile of cookies on my face, so I can eat them without moving.”

Be careful what you wish for; it just might come true.  I’ve been thinking spring for a couple of weeks now, and, by golly, here it is.


Lots of rain.  Teaching has done the Macarena on my long-term memory, and every year I forget what “spring” really looks like here.  You know how the saying goes:  Spring comes in like a lion and goes out like a slightly smaller lion with small but fairly sharp claws, a lion that still throws snow at you during the third week of April.  Right?

Well, now it’s raining.  Last week it snowed, and now the animals on campus are lining up in pairs by the lower fields (ponds?).  So this is spring, Bethel-style.  Gray, cool, misty, day after day.  People are starting to pull their grumpy pants out of the wash to wear them again.

Hey, it could be worse.

For example:

  • The temperature in Vostok, Antarctica in August averages 90 degrees below zero.  Hey, polar bears, think of THAT the next time you jump into Songo pond.
  • The wind on top of Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, regularly exceeds 200 MPH.  And people actually PAY to sleep up there.
  • The Atacama Desert, in Chile, is considered the driest place on Earth.  Don’t like the rain here?  According to Wikipedia, the Atacama may not have had any significant rainfall from 1570 to 1971.  Umbrella sales have been understandably sluggish there.
  • Lloró, Colombia, boasts the world’s wettest weather, with 523.6 inches of rain per year.  If the umbrella dealers in Chile only knew……
  • Feeling chilled today?  In Dhahran, Saudi Arabia you can feel that intolerable, warm-fuzzy feeling with an average temperature of 42° C (108°F) and a dew point of 95°.  That’ll curl your hair (but not mine).

Bethel is truly a gorgeous place, and if we have to put up with a few days of rain, then so be it.  I’ll be smiling.

Now where is that umbrella?


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