If I had a Million Dollars…..

February 8, 2011

OVERHEARD IN SKI PATROL: (Me): What it it called when a skier cuts open his abdomen in a crash and his organs spill out all over? (Multiple Ski Patrol students): Yard Sale!!

The first thing I want to do this week is to thank all of the people who so generously donated their time and money to support the Four Point program auction this year.  The Four Point is a defining component of the Gould Academy existence and many former students point to it as one of the defining moments of their time at Gould, along with graduation and breakfast dish duty.   Everyone who bidded on the auction items, from Headmaster-For-A-Day (Thanks, mom!!) to Junior Point gear (uh…thanks, mom…), is due a big, Husky hug.  And since I was the husky for Winter Carnival, consider yourselves hugged.

I went to the silent and not-so-silent auction this past weekend, and I saw some really cool items for bid.  I couldn’t help thinking what my students would buy, or at least bid on, if they were the ones designing the auction items.  Go ahead, use your imagination.  What items would Gould students REALLY want to buy?  What if students chose the auction items? What if the bidding numbers were given to students instead of their parents?  And what if I asked four questions in a row without giving a single answer?  Here are the results of my afternoon study hall daydream:

  1. “Unlimited internet access” (for students who JUST NEED to download movies between 11pm and 6am).
  2. “IGA delivery service” (hmm….ice cream, wings, Mountain Dew, more wings….).
  3. The “because I didn’t feel like it” card, excusing homework for one day. (ahhh…rest…)
  4. “A ride to Sunday River on a powder day” (this could go for literally thousands).
  5. “A real light saber” (OK, this one is MY fantasy, but who wouldn’t want a real light saber?).
  6. “The code to the Gehring alarm” (don’t get excited, boys, this is not a REAL auction).
  7. The “I get my own bathroom in the dorm” (don’t get excited, girls, this is not a REAL auction).
  8. “My teachers do my HW for a week” (verrry popular with the 9th graders)
  9. “Use of a faculty car” (car to be named later- where would you go?  In which car?)
  10. And finally…..”My Jr. point group…in the Florida keys”.

Let the bidding begin!


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