Ice Cream Social and the Tarp Game

September 11, 2010

The ninth grade class gathered tonight in Ordway dining hall for an ice cream social.  Each ninth grader was met by the ninth grade mentor group and invited to join one of four teams.   Two teams were then paired up to play the Tarp Game.

The two teams stand on either side of a raised tarp.  One person from each team steps forward and then the tarp is dropped.  The first person to say the name of the other person wins.  The loser joins the winning team.  The goal is to play until one team has most of the students.  We played for ten minutes and then had ice cream.

Here are some pictures from the event.

The tarp is up

Looking down the tarp at Ms. Frailey

Zach and Brooks

Brooks beats Zach

Benji's ready to play

Everyone joins in

Making Sundaes

Enjoying the ice cream and friends


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