“I (We) Wanna go fast!!!”

February 18, 2013

Hello Everyone!

This week, I bring you good news, and great stories!

I spent the week travelling (gone from class tuesday, wednesday, and one class on Friday) so that I could race with the Prep team in the Post-Season events! The varsity team had a blast travelling to Okemo midweek to compete in NEPSACS among 15 other schools, and on (a very very warm) Friday we headed to Shawnee for MAISADS.

First, let’s talk about Okemo:

When we got to the initial hotel we were supposed to stay at, we were almost immediately kicked out. (Insert obligatory “Worst Western” comment here. Sorry guys.). So all 14 of us hopped into the vans and headed back to the Point hotel at Castle rock, where we packed ourselves into three spacious rooms. After we got settled, we got back into our vans and headed into town to go to American Pie for dinner.

Though it might have been a little cramped for our team (Not kidding), we all squeezed in and had some AMAZING pizza, all thanks to the recommendation of team captain Carly Giddings. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten a whole large pizza in one sitting, and I still had room for three more slices when we got back! They were so good! We swam in a freezing cold pool for a while (Water heater was broken) and even did some hot tub to snow jumps in preparation for the next day.

We got up to the mountain after a stop at DD for breakfast, and began to get ready. The men raced slalom first, and women raced GS. We had strong showings in both events, where the men’s team ended up tying for 5th of 16 in the Slalom. The women placed 7th overall for the slalom.

The teams then traded spaces, men went to GS and women went to slalom. I can attest that all of the courses the boys raced were a blast, and I heard good reviews of the women’s courses as well. In the afternoon, the women’s team placed 8th in the Slalom, and men’s placed 5th again in the GS. Overall, the women’s team placed 7th and Men’s placed 5th, but I don’t think we could have had any more fun!

On Friday, we brought the entire team with us to Shawnee for Maisads, where we raced Slalom first and GS afterwords, some of us under the lights (Sketchy…). Here’s the breakdown of finishes:

SL: Varsity Women: 4,8,11,13

JV Women: 5,7

Varsity Men: 1,2,4,10

JV Men: 5,9,15,16

GS: Varsity Women: 2,7,9,11

JV Women: 6,7,8

Varsity Men: 1,2,4,10,16

JV Men: 6,7,8,9,12

If my memory serves me correctly, JV Women placed 3rd in the league, JV men 3rd, Varsity women 2nd and Varsity men won the overall (First time in 3 years!)! Justin Stearns was also the high point mens skier (Best 4 finishes combined) of the year.

Anyways, it was all a blast, I had so much fun and there were so many smiles. So much cheering went on, I’m sad the prep season’s over. Congrats again to everyone, you were all awesome, I’m glad I got the opportunity to race with you!

Here’s a few pictures of the endeavor:

How many people fit at a table at American Pie? Try 12. How many pizzas does it take to fill them? More than 5. So good.

Gould Men’s Varsity Squad @Okemo!

GA Varsity Women’s squad @Okemo

Team GA @ NEPSAC awards, after a long hard day of racing!

*I’ll add some photos of MAISADs if I can find them, hopefully in the next couple of days! Stay Tuned!

Blue Skies and wonderfully happy trails to you all!




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