I Love College

March 23, 2011

I was thinking a couple days ago with my friends that for the first time in a while when we all go to college, all the people around us will be completely new faces.  People that have gone to Gould for 4 years really only know the faces around them, and it’ll be foreign to almost start completely over and have a completely new environment around them.  Coming from a public school of around 1800 kids, Gould does a great job of allowing the students to work very closely with the college counselors in order to prepare themselves academically for college.  However, what about the social aspect of college; how are we supposed to prepare for that?  The dorm life of college and the dorm life we live in now is very, very different.  The opposite sex are really not allowed in  rooms of their peers at Gould, however, at most colleges there are co-ed dorms, co-ed floors, and even co-ed bathrooms in some cases.  I feel like in addition to the academic preparation Gould takes to prepare their students for college, there should also be more social preparation, because after all the social and non-academic life if half the college experience.  At a lot of prep schools they have a 45 degree rule or other rules that are designed in order to allow members of the other sex in rooms of their peers with restrictions.  WIth the 45 degree rule, when there is a member of the opposite sex in the room the door needs to be at a 45 angle.  At Gould, rules like this would benefit some seniors in their journey to become fully prepared for every aspect at college.  Fortunately and unfortunately, there will be no teacher to make us go to bed at lights out in college, so we have to be prepared to live without the full time guidance of our adults.  As a senior at Gould I think it would heavily benefit us all by creating a certain list of “senior privileges” that would allow us to become more ready for the college life next year, so we don’t have a meltdown when there is no teacher to make us go to bed, and there is no teacher to keep girls or boys out of the opposite sex’s room.  We have to realize what it will be like when we are on our own next year, which we conceptually will be, so we don’t learn the hard way next year, but instead exercise the responsibility we will need to excel next year.



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