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October 14, 2011

Hey everybody!

Yesterday was everyone’s first full day back at school after break, so obviously we were all tired, groggy, and a little out of sync with the whole class mindset. Most of my classmates and I spent the past 3-5 days going on college visits.

For all of the parents reading this, don’t be fooled by the beautiful campuses, free snacks, and viewbooks. College visits are incredibly stressful!!  And oddly tiring, seeing how all we really do is sit around in admissions offices, waiting for our names to be called for interviews. I was so exhausted by the final day of my trip that I slept through the entire drive from Southern Connecticut to Bethel (sorry, Daddy!).

For us seniors, this break was one of the last times we have to go through the struggle of trying to look and sound perfect and eligible, which is a huge relief! From here on out, most of the work is electronic via the Common App website. And if you’re cool like me, the Common App mobile website is bookmarked on your phone for ease of frequent, obsessive updates. As someone reminded me tonight as I was freaking out about writing supplement essays yet again, this whole process will be over soon enough, and we’re all going to end up at great schools and have an incredible time in college. For now, let’s all just take a step back and breathe.

A couple of the gorgeous, completely out-of-my-league schools I visited:

Amherst College

Dartmouth College

And eventually, we’ll all be receiving one of these in the mail:

Personally, I can’t wait. I remember when the 2011 seniors (shout out to Meghan, Ashley, Erin, Justyne, Austin, AJ, Ben, etc., love & miss you all!) started getting into colleges last year– that’ll be us soon enough! It’s crazy to think that we’re all graduating and moving on from Gould, but with the amount of work I’ve been putting in to this entire process lately, I almost feel like I’m ready to go to college.

Sometimes I wish we could just tell a college we wanted to go there, maybe beg and plead a little, but ultimately get in. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, so until that day comes, remember: Essays, essays, essays!

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