I Cant Believe It’s Friday

October 24, 2008

What a fast paced week its been here at the Academy. So much has been going on this week and there are so many things to tell you all about. First, Davies was the guest speaker in my AP government class a few days ago, and I never would have known he didn’t seriously brush up on his British politics before coming in. He taught us a lot and was very open to our questions which was awesome! Thanks Davies! Following that class, each student got a partner and a topic to debate on Friday. Eric Murray and I will be debating the economic crisis and how the US handled it vs the UK. The only trick is you don’t know which side you are arguing until you get to class, and a coin is flipped. We’ve got to love surprises!

On a different note, I spent most of last weekend underground. Last week’s readers may remember me saying something about caving… well caving I did. Sunday morning a group of 7 Gouldies left campus at 4:09am, arrived in a small rural town in New York at around 10:30. We pulled up in front of a closed down diner called June’s, and behind June’s, slightly into the woods, was a small hole in the world that we all climbed into. The packing list for this trip was something along the lines of, 3 flashlights, clothes you don’t mind throwing away and a helmet. It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had with Gould. The seven of us had to maneuver our way through foot wide crevasses, swim under rocks and find our way back out again. The pictures you will see are of me entering the cave, Mr. Lynch crawling through one of the tight squeezes, and Tucker Brown treading water with his head sticking out in a blue helmet.

This weekend may be a little less exciting; I will mostly be working on ACT’s Saturday morning, and college essays for the rest of the weekend. Leave your comments and questions about my caving adventure or anything else!
See you next week,


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