Husky Fever

November 9, 2013

Hello Glogworld,

So sorry for the late post,(I promise to never make this a weekly thing, posting late of course, I must write every week).

Anyway, I would like to touch on the fact that Girls’ Varsity Soccer won the MAISAD championship for the SECOND time this year! Woohoo! Way to go girls, you have all worked so hard and definitely earned it! Now the word on campus is that they’re participating in NEPSACS against Tilton on Gould grounds this coming Wednesday. They need as many supporters as they had today if not more! (And there were a lot of people cheering on the sidelines #gouldspirit) Here’s a picture from the Gould Academy Women’s Varsity Soccer Facebook page.

I would also like to congratulate boys varsity cross country on their NEPSAC win! Way to go guys!

Man, I’m telling you it was a great weekend to be a husky. Someone even broke out the trusty husky suit and did some moves during the soccer game! What a brave soul.

Well I must end it here.

Until next week!


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