How To Survive the Storm… It’s dumping out there!!

February 9, 2013

It’s nice to wake up to this outside your window.





Wellllll, happy winter again, everyone! We had an awful spell of rain and warm weather, but we’re back in business! I loooove snow storms. I love being outside to hear the absolute silence of the snow falling and to see it collect. As I write this, late Friday afternoon, the snow is still falling, it has been since I woke up this morning. In my opinion, there is nothing better than being snowed in for the day, except for maybe enjoying serious pow-chow up at the mountain…

Anyways, I took some pictures to record how I spend days like today.

Steaming hot cup of tea, check.








Great view of the white stuff, check.








and a “vicious” cat hiding out from the storm, check






In other news, happy parent’s weekend for those brave souls that made the journey!

I’d also like to start a little count-down tradition in my posts, here goes:

Graduation- 88 days

Spring Break- 31 days

Junior 4-Point- 22 days


enjoy the snow everyone!



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